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Supreme Instruments
Supreme Instruments Corp.
Greenwood Mississippi

Supreme Instruments Meters and Multimeters

1920s Supreme "Pocket Watch" Style Battery Meter

In the 1920s radios were battery powered. This early Supreme pocket watch style meter was designed to test radio batteries.
Larger Picture
Supreme Battery Meter

Supreme Model 222 1934 Supreme 222 "Multometer"

Supreme Model 222 Portable Multimeter. Meter measures:
AC Volts/MFDS, DC Volts, Milliamps, and Ohms
No selector for ranges. Each range has it's own pin sockets for test leads.
Meter is 10" X 6 ¼"
1934 Catalog Description
Larger Picture

Supreme 490 Multimeter

The Supreme model 490 portable multimeter has the newer fan meter that was introduced in 1935. Meter measures:
AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, and DC Milliamps
No selector for ranges. Each range has it's own pin sockets for test leads.
Meter is 10" X 6 ½"
Larger Picture
1938 Catalog Description
Supreme Model 490

Supreme Minimeters
These Supreme Instruments "Minimeters" are only 2¼" x 3¼" x 1½".
The ranges for each Minimeter are selected by inserting test leads into pin sockets.
These Meters measure:
DC Volts (Model 404), Amps (Model 420), and Ohms (Model 440)

Supreme Model 404 Minimeter Supreme Model 420 Minimeter Supreme Model 440 Minimeter

Supreme 537 Meter Supreme 537 Multimeter

The Model 537 measures DC volts and ohms.
The 537 has a bakelite face mounted in a metal case that measures 5¾x3½"x3¼.
Meter measures:
DC Volts in 3V, 30V, 300V, & 600V ranges
Ohms in x1, x10, x100, x1000 ranges
No selector for ranges. Each range has it's own pin socket.
Larger Picture

Supreme 542 Bakelite Meter
Bakelite Case
Supreme 542 Multimeter
This small Supreme bakelite Model 542 multimeter (left photo) was produced in large numbers during the 1940s. It's face is only 6"x3". Meter measures:
AC Volts/DB with 6V,30V,150V, & 600V ranges.
DC Volts with 6V,150V,300V, & 1,500V ranges.
Milliamps with .3 ma, 6 ma, 30 ma, & 150 ma ranges.
There is no selector for ranges. Each range has it's own pin socket. Larger Picture
I also have a 542 that was manufactured for the Military and a Telephone repair version in a metal case with a flip down cover to protect the meter face (right photo).
   1946 Catalog Descriptions & Photos
   Photo of all three versions
   Schematic and Manual
Supreme 542 Steel Case Meter
Steel Case

Supreme 543
Supreme 543 Multimeter (1946)
This Supreme bakelite Model 543 multimeter is the same size as the model 542 shown above and was produced in the late 1940s. This meter has a selector for the ranges and measures:
AC Volts 15V,150V, 600V, 3000V ranges.
DC Volts with 15V,150V, 600V, 3000V ranges.
Milliamps with 6 ma, 60 ma, & 600 ma ranges.
and OHMs X1, X100.
The leather case has room for test leads in bottom.
Larger Picture
Meter and Case
1946 Catalog Description & Photo

Supreme 547 Meter Supreme 547 Multi-Meter

The Supreme 547 multimeter used pushbuttons to select all functions and ranges.
AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, Amps and measures Capicators.
Oak Case with leather handle. AC powered.
Larger Picture

Supreme 548 Magna-Meter

The Supreme 548 multimeter measures:
AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, Amps and measures Capicators.
Steel Case with leather handle.
Larger Picture
Schematic and Manual

549 Electronic Voltmeter Supreme 549 Electronic Voltmeter

The Supreme 549 multimeter measures:
AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, and Milliamps
This vacuum tube voltmeter uses a #6F8 and a #37 tube.
Closed, the oak dovetailed case is 11"x9¾"x5½"
Larger Picture

565 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Supreme 565 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter (1945)

The Supreme 565 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter measures:
AC Volts, DC Volts 0 - 500V in six ranges
This vacuum tube voltmeter uses a #6SN7 and a #6X5 tube in the meter and a #9006 tube in the probe.
The 565 voltmeter is enclosed in a steel case.
Larger Picture

Manual and Schematic

592 portable multimeter
Supreme 592 Push Button Set Tester
(or Speed Tester) 1939 - 1947

The Supreme 592 portable multimeter measures:
AC Volts, DC Volts, Ohms, and Milliamps
Each function and range is selected by radio style pushbuttons.
Meter is 9"x6¾"x6¼"

The early production of the 592 was also offered in a larger wooden case with storage compartments seen at right. Later production models were offered in a steel case with storage.
The 592 was also available as an analyzer with the 593 tube test panel.

Note: Red buttons on meter at right were painted by previous owner. All buttons on this model were black.

592 Larger Picture (early production pre 1946)
592 in steel case (later production 1947)
Manual and Schematic
1947 Supreme write up

592 multimeter
592/593 tube test panel

9800 Supreme 9800 High Voltage D.C. Range Extension Unit
This High Voltage Probe was sold as an option to allow Supreme multimeters to measure DC voltage (cathode or filament of TV rectifier tubes) up to 35,000 volts.
This probe was offered as an option for the Supreme models 565, 574, 644, 640, 592, and 562.

   Larger Picture    Instruction/data sheet

Supreme I-166 Meter Supreme I-166 (1944)
World War II U.S. Army Signal Corps. Multimeter

This meter is the companion to the Military I-177 Tube Tester. Meter measures: AC Volts, DC Volts, and ohms. It uses a 4.5V battery for the ohms scale.
Unit has a heavy protective coating inside and out to protect it from moisture and to help combat fungus.

   Larger Picture    Inside    ID Plates
   Supreme Military testers

I-176 Supreme I-176 (1944)
World War II U.S. Army Signal Corps. High Voltage Multimeter

This meter is another Military tester manufactured by Supreme for the war effort. Meter measures: AC and DC Volts, Ohms, Current, and contains high voltage probes for measurements up to 5,000 volts.
Meter is housed in a heavy steel case.
This unit has all the original manuals, probes and the spare rectifier that was issued with the meter for field replacement.

   Larger Picture
   Front Panel
   ID Plate
   Schematic and Manual

Supreme I-177B Replacement Meter
Replacement meter (#3801-X) for the military I-177B tube tester in its original box.
Part # 2960-P-52-04

   Larger Picture

Supreme #3117 3" Panel Meter
Measures 0-100 millamperes DC.
Supreme factories produced thousands of panel meters for industrial applications and the military.

   Larger Picture

Supreme Prototype? Multimeter
When I first saw this meter and the hand lettering, my first thought was it's a homebrew that someone made from a Supreme dual meter movement and spare parts. When I opened it, I found that the bakelite panel it was made from was actually the back of an unused, undrilled, Supreme faceplate for a model 450 Supreme tube tester. Also, all the holes are precisely spaced and drilled, even the large round hole for the meter and all the parts are the same as parts used in other Supreme models at that time. This leads me to believe that this might be a pre-production prototype the engineers at Supreme were using to test one of their meter circuit designs. 7"x10"x4.5"
Larger Photo
View a photo of the back of the faceplate comparing a model 450 tube tester faceplate with the undrilled faceplate used for this meter.

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