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Steve's Antique Technology

Supreme Instruments
Supreme Instruments Corp.
Greenwood Mississippi
Supreme Instruments Items Wanted
(Also Apparatus Design Company items)
I collect items manufactured by Supreme Instruments Corp., in Greenwood Mississippi. I am interested in test equipment, catalogs, flyers, manuals, any sales or advertising items, vintage photos, or anything relating to Supreme Testing Instruments from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.     View my Supreme Instruments Collection.

If you have any Supreme items that fall into these categories that you might want to sell, please contact me. I can be reached by email using the address at the bottom of this page.

I prefer items that are in good condition for displaying, and equipment with all its original parts. I will also (depending on model) purchase Supreme equipment that needs repair or that can be used for parts.

Generally Supreme equipment with model numbers below 500 are what I am most interested in however, some Supreme signal generators, oscilloscopes, and radio analyzers I am looking for may have higher model numbers (mostly in the 500 range).

Some of the Supreme items and information I am looking for currently are listed below:

Bakelite Knob
Supreme Bakelite Knobs for ¼" shaft. 1.5" in length.
Lamp Socket Powercord
This power cord for a supreme tester
(Light bulb not necessary)


Supreme Tube-O-Meter
Any Condition

391 P.A. Analyzer
Supreme Model 391
P.A. Analyzer

Supreme Manuals

Any Supreme Instruments
Manuals, Catalogs, or
Tube Tester Data Sheets


555 Diagnomoscope
555 Diagnomoscope
and the
545 Oscilloscope
Supreme Soldering Iron
This Supreme Instruments soldering iron circa 1937
or any advertising information on it.

I am also looking for any Supreme catalogs, flyers, signs, and advertising items and any vintage photos of the Supreme manufacturing facilities in Greenwood Mississippi.
Also any items relating to the Apparatus Design Company of Little Rock Arkansas and Confidence tube testers.

Steve's Antique Technology
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